trigger warning for blood, slight gore, guns, and themes of suicide/mental illness


8th Jan 2021, 9:31 PM
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Erhannis 8th Jan 2021, 11:11 PM
called it :P

haha. "I can't drive. But I wanted to, so I did anyway."
Umbreon5456 9th Jan 2021, 12:30 AM
Did you mean "As a Kid."? It looks like you wrote, "As a hid." lol
Erhannis 11th Jan 2021, 11:17 AM
Looks like a cursive "k" to me, if I remember my cursive lessons from school, haha
kaminaarii 11th Jan 2021, 11:40 AM
its not even cursive, ive always written my ks in one line so they always look kinda weird akfjshf
Umbreon5456 11th Jan 2021, 1:07 PM
Ahh that makes sense, good to note. lol
Good comic by the way!
Umbreon5456 9th Jan 2021, 12:31 AM
Also... that page is kinda hilarious. xD
He just says confidently, "I failed my test 5 times!"
*Me if I was a passenger* "Oh boy... let's hope we don't crash now..."
Alex Rakune 9th Jan 2021, 1:22 AM
Oh this will go well, thankfully few pedestrians to run over :D
Guest 28th Jun 2021, 11:34 PM
This page hits harder now